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Discuss MSI P35 MS-7345 on Boot-132 with Vanilla install at the Installation -; Hi guys! I just caught the mac bug a few days ago. To be exact ...
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    Default MSI P35 MS-7345 on Boot-132 with Vanilla install

    Hi guys!

    I just caught the mac bug a few days ago.
    To be exact April 24'th, 2009!

    I am pleased to announce that with the help of you, have managed to get this board with 10.5.6 using Boot-132 vanilla install with minimal kext and using modified Kabyl Bios V1.8

    Will keep you guys updated with the set-up. I am staring at the Mac screen now. Wow.

    Thanks to all those who made this moment possible!
    Last edited by andey; 05-03-2009 at 02:49 AM. Reason: Wrong date. should be 24'th instead of 4'th

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    Hello. these are the fruits of 1 week of labour and countless CD-R coasters burnt trying to figure out how to use BOOT-132. (Use CD-RW/DVD-RW or USB BOOT-132 to get a less painless installation)
    Before I begin, I would like to thank all contributors who made this possible!

    This is my first time doing a guide. Forgive me if I am too comprehensive.

    Here is how I got the MSI P35 Neo2 (MS 7345 (V1.x) working with 10.5.6 retail!
    I noticed that so far, no one has attempted a retail install via Boot-132 on this problematic motherboard. I have not found a working Boot-132 vanilla guide for this motherboard yet before this.

    • A less comprehensive guide has been posted in OSX wiki.

    • Please read up on the basics before attempting to install as they are handy.

    • BIOS Flashing is done at your own risk.

    I, nor god are responsible for any of your subsequent actions as a result of reading this thread, be it in "good faith" or not.
    This guide is to return to the community knowledge in return for what knowledge I have taken.
    If you like the OS after you tried it, buy their products. At least, the installation DISC.
    I am not an employee nor affiliated of any of the Brands listed here.
    The Brands remain the property of the companies.

    Prepare your Boot-132 media.
    (If system.kext and kernel version are different, mounting DMG will result in KP)
    Flash your M/B Bios with caution.
    Customize your motherboard settings as necessary.
    You may wish to set-up your motherboard to be as legacy free as possible (my-setup) to get the leopard installed.
    If you have done it correctly, you will not see a kernel panic.
    If not. Remedy it and you will be greeted with the Language Selection Screen

    Format your drive. Partition as per your needs.
    My Primary drive was partitioned into 2
    1x for Productive use, 1x for "System Recovery".
    You may want a third partition to do beta testing.
    Choose your installation options. A minimal installation is almost 1/2 the size of a full installation.

    After installation, the setup may/may not terminate with error.
    Ignore and reboot with Boot-132.

    It should load and you will be greeted with the fascinating welcome screen. (enjoyed better with sound. your mileage may vary)

    POST Installation
    Patch accordingly.
    You now have a working leopard.

    Configuration Settings

    Kext Used for Boot-132
    Can be slimmed down (Have not fully experimented with a min Kext installation.
    • ACPIPS2Nub

    • dsmos

    • IntelCPUPMDisabler

    • seatbelt

    • SMBIOSEnabler

    Motherboard Bios
    • Kabyl V1.8 Bios

    CPU Used
    • Intel Q6600 @ 3GHZ (D0 Stepping) -> 4 cores shown on default.

    BIOS Settings
    • Jmicron

    • serial port

    • HD Audio Controller

    • USB Legacy Support

    • Execute Bit support

    • Set limit CPUID

    • Usb Device Legacy Support

    • AHCI Devices -> SATA

    Drives (SATA)
    • HDD

    • LG DVD Writer (DVD-RW DVD-DL No Issue)

    Add on cards
    • PCI-X -> MSI Nvidia NX8500GT 256MB - Using Osxtools to modify

    • PCI -> VIA IEEE1394 controller enabled (on secure mode) - works OOTB

    • PCI -> Audigy PCI soundcard works using 1.21b Kaudio kext installer. Only output. Input doesn't work. Random KP.

    Recognised after GFX recognised but shown as unconnected in the system profile
    • Lenovo D221W -> Native resolution

    • Dell 2407WFP -> Native Resolution

    USB Devices
    • Keyboard Nesvista US standard(Due to different layout, makes me want to throw my current keyboard and get the imac keyboard which is sexier to me than the current thin aluminum chiclets.)

    • Microsoft Mouse -> kext from microsoft works.

    • External HDD can R/W NTFS with NTFS-3G Driver. Mount/dismount ok.

    • Logitech Webcam Go Carl Zeiss (works with Skype Video/Usb microphone). Skype will hang if there is no output device available when a call is answered. Have not tested with MSN messenger

    • V1 works OOTB. Installed via OSX tools

    • V2 Beta does not work (Install on EFI partition or standard)(white screen on boot with loading but no kernel panic -v)
    Last edited by andey; 05-03-2009 at 09:50 AM. Reason: update installation guide

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    Default Leopard Retail wont boot

    I have spent days trawling the forum looking for answer to my problem.

    I have an P35 Platinum mainboard with a q6600 processor. I have flashed the kabyl modded bios and I can boot to the darwin prompt with boot 132.

    problem is i cant get the retail copy of Leopard to boot. I have tried different EF's from 80-9f and i cant seem to find my optical drive. Any help appreciated!



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