Both my Toshiba A100 and Asus R1F have issues with the keyboard/mouse being inactive after coming out of sleep -- has anyone experienced this before and maybe know of a fix?

On the Toshiba A100, when the system returns from sleep (which it enters without issue) it seems like the mouse is "clicked down" or that an icon on my desktop gets selected and cannot be unselected, and sometimes there are key inputs that come out of nowhere when the keys aren't even being pressed (especially the "L" key) I cannot really do anything to stop this and have to reboot the system (which is possible as the mouse still works, but just acts like one of the buttons is being held down on a certain icon on the desktop)

The ASUS R1F has NO mouse or keyboard input PERIOD after awaking from sleep mode (which it too enters without issues)

Any possible fixes or suggestions? Thanks!