I'm attempting to install IPC 10.5.6 FINAL on an Optiplex 760.

As soon as the OSX installer starts, the cursor jumps to the top left corner.
I try to move it, but it only responds for about 2 seconds before it resets itself to the top left corner again.
It's so bad that I can't manage to click on anything - I have to use the tab key to get thru the installer.

Once installed, the cursor acts the same way, even after reboots. (Mouse works fine on this PC in linux/windows)

I tried two separate IPC disks from two separate sources, and they both act this way.

According to this guide I should be able to install this on my 760: TriosTechs.com - Hackintosh - Install MAC OSX on Dell Optiplex 760 Using iPC 10.5.6 | Hackintosh - All about Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7 and Linux of all flavors!!

I'm considering buying a Mac, but I want to test drive the OS a bit first before I make such an expensive commitment. This is pretty damned frustrating for me, and I'm about to the point where I'm going to give up and just stick with Windows/Linux.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

760 is running stock hardware as well as a GeForce 8400.