I've been trying (without too much success) to get OSX running on my PC.

The problem I am having is that whenever I upgrade the video drivers of my graphics card (7900GT 256MB), my monitor is complaining about "Input Not Supported" and refusing to display the image. Now, if I plug the PC into my TV it does display, and all seems to be working fine (apart from if I drag a window around the screen really fast, I get black triangles across the screen).

I'm guessing that OSX is insisting on pumping out a resolution and/or refresh rate that my monitor can not handle. I tried configuring through my TV, and setting the resolution to 1024x768 but upon plugging it back into my monitor it's still is refusing to display anything. I'm guessing that OSX does some kind of auto-detection of the monitors capabilities and sets the resolution accordingly...which is going wrong!). Ideally I would want a resolution of 1440x900 (my monitors native - the monitor is a HP W19).

I've tried both iAtkos and Kalyway. On iAtkos, if I don't install any drivers for video but add EFI strings for DVI/DVI then OSX works fine including sound and network but I can't change the resolution from 1024x768 and I have odd refresh issues whilst scrolling (the screen doesn't appear to be being refreshed at all). I've tried using programs such as NVInject, NVKush and osxtools to set up proper drivers (or the OSX equivalent, at least) but whenever I do this I have the "Input Not Supported" message on my monitor. This pops up after the grey apple screen has been up for about 10 seconds.

So, can anyone say if this a monitor issue which I'm stuck with, or there are software ways around this. Could it be a symptom of using bad drivers? Is there anyway to boot with a specific resolution (I tried with "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@60" but it made no difference).

Sorry that was a bit long but I tried to include as much details as possible in hope that someone can help me.