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Discuss Leopard on M4N78 PRO AMD mainboard at the Installation -; Hi, I'm new at the forum and I'm trying to build up my hackintosh... I ...
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    Unhappy Leopard on M4N78 PRO AMD mainboard

    Hi, I'm new at the forum and I'm trying to build up my hackintosh...
    I hope someone with similiar hardware and/or more experience can help me

    Media: iDeneb 10.5.6
    Mobo: Asus M4N78 (Not in the HCL...this scare me o.o)
    CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 250 (Dual Core... Should install with cpus=1 flag or not?)
    GPU: Geforce 8300 (Mobo integrated...seems to be supported)
    SPU: HDA Nvidia
    Ethernet: Nvidia (nForce?)
    HDDs: 1 Sata 500gb (Ubuntu); 1 IDE (45gb OSX, 45gb WIN7).

    I've tried yet to install but osx hangs loading its partition ("still waiting to mount root partition" says when I load osx with -v flag).

    I used the whole disk for osx (partitioning with mac tool), I've disabled the other sata main disk from the bios, re-installed but it still doesn't work...
    So, some question:
    - I should install with vanilla kernel (mach_kernel, I suppose) or choose another one? (I've tried with anv, but neither see the HDD);
    - I've to use some flags on install? (-f -v -x -cpus=1?);
    - What kernel is recommended for amd sse/2? the vanilla with amd leopard patch should work?
    - Someone other had problem with iDeneb distro? What suggest me instead?
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    Hey there Raffhell.

    I've got the same mainboard as you and I also have a lot difficulties installing Hackintosh Distros.
    First I tried LeoHazard 10.6.2. It failed right at the start, as it always stuck with the message "still waiting for root ...",
    even though I changed The storage management to AHCI Mode and removed all unnessesary hardware.

    I changed to iAtkos v7, and in this distro at least the installation progress works.
    (You also have to change your Hard Drive Management to AHCI Mode in BIOS.)

    But the Problem i have right now is that after the installation the shutdown freezes with a kernel panic and the message:
    Waiting for remote debugger connection
    kdp_poll: no debugger device

    Here is the screenshot, if it helps:

    Uploaded with

    I'm sorry that I also can not help you with this problem right now, but i can post, if I make progress.



    MoBo: M4N78 PRO
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black
    GraCa: Sapphire HD5770
    LAN: onboard, nVidia GeForce 8200
    HDD: WD Caviar Blue 500GB SATA

    EDIT: Tried leo4all 10.5.2, doesn't even start. It restarts right after 10sec of loading, even with -v, -x, or cpus=1
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