Hi all,

I have an HP Compaq nc8230 with an Intel Pentium M 1.86GHz 1.5GB RAM ATI Mobility Radeon (64MB dedicated, 596MB shared) and my Powerbook is replacing it because Windows 7 is slow on it. Leopard runs very well on the Powerbook (1.67GHz G4) and I think that it would run even better on the nc8230. I tried using the generic.iso and putting in my Leopard disc (which I bought directly from Apple for my Powerbook) and it got to the Apple logo with the spinny thingy and stayed there for 5 minutes and then it just rebooted. So then I tried using my iDeneb 1.3 disc, but the only problem is that it would not boot from the disc, it wouldn't ind a bootloader in it, so it skips it and goes to Windows 7. I would appreciate any help with installing Leopard on my laptop using any of these 2 methods, I dont care which one. I also have a Snow Leopard disc which I bought for my bro's MBP so I guess that would work too, but I really all I need is Leopard for now.