have tried on both Kalyway and iPC to install Mac OS X on my pc but it won't detect my IDE Hard drive. Here's my specs

Mobo - Asus M3N78-CM
Proccessor - AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.60GHz (Dual Core) 5000+
Graphics Card - Asus EN8500GT Magic (Nvidia 8500 GT by Asus) 512MB Hybrid SLI - Actual Graphics Memory is 1.7GB total PCI-E
DVD Drive - SATA (controller set to AHCI)
Hard drives - 1x 100GB Seagate IDE (master)
1x 250GB Maxtor IDE (Slave)
Memory - 3x 1GB sticks (Can't remeber the speeds)

Anyway, so it doesn't recognise the hard drives even when I use an IDE DVD drive and turn off the SATA one. Any idea why?