My daughter and her boyfriend had a roommate build a machine for them and install OS X on it. Then they had a falling out with him so they don't see him anymore.

Their machine began acting up and my daughter told her boyfriend maybe he should run Software Update...oops. After that the machine would go into a kernel panic when they tried to boot it up. I told them I'd take a look at it although I've always been a "Mac guy" and don't know have a lot of experience working w/PCs.

I decided the easiest way to fix the machine would be to reinstall OS X on it. I downloaded the Kalyway 10.5.1 install disk and booted from it. I launched the terminal and was able to get all her photo and music files off the machine onto an external hard drive. Then I formatted the machine and tried doing the install.

However I don't know what drivers to check when installing. The machine has a Foxconn MCP73M06 board in it and I'm pretty sure an Nvidia video card, but that's about all I know. How can I determine which drivers I should check on the installer's Customize screen?

Any help is greatly appreciated.