well i did some google searchign and i found this answer on another msg board:

. Insert your Kaly DVD
2. Restart and boot from DVD
3. Press F8 to select how to boot
4. Boot with -s (Single User Mode)
5. at prompt type "cd /usr/standalone/i386" then press "Enter"
6. At prompt type "./startupfiletools -v /dev/rdiskXsX boot" where X is your HDD number and OSX partition number like my drive is on master and osx on 3rd partition ==> rdisk0s3
7 Press "Enter" and wait for a minute.
8. After you got message reply "about 3-4 lines" I can't remember then you are OK then reboot and enjoy.

when i get to step 6 where i need to open ./startupfiletools it tells me it cannot find the file.directory. i can get into /usr/standalone/i386 but thats it

is it easy to find some 3rd party bootloader and use that? im not dual booting with windows (yet) but do have an active NTFS partition i backed my crap up to. i tried manually editing the MBR in a shell comand but god confused.

i should be booting off /dev/disk0s1

any ideas?