- Windows 7 64-bit RC (C:)
- Windows Vista 32-bit (can't remember where)
- Ubuntu 32-bit (can't remember where)
- Mac OS 10.5.2 Kalyway (21Gb partition on C:)
- Mac OS 10.5.2 Kalyway (alone on WD HDD)

System Specs:
- Intel Core i7 920
- EVGA Intel X58 Motherboard
- OCZ 3x2Gb DDR3
- Seagate HDD 200Gb IDE (D: & E:)
- Seagate HDD 300Gb SATA (C:)
- Western Digital HDD 80Gb IDE

Usually when installing, the installer freezes at "About 2 minutes left." This didn't happen in some cases (I think I was using the -x flag). At first, Mac OS would boot on the WD HDD, but during the loading screen the "You need to restart your computer" screen would come up. I thought this was maybe because the WD HDD was connected through USB. I got the same result when connecting it internally. I tried reinstalling, and now it won't boot at all. I get some garbage, such as >00000080\n ...\n >J. As for the installation on the small partition; I was never able to boot into it. I tried using EasyBCD, but nothing would happen when choosing Mac OS. Not sure what else I can try. I read somewhere that 10.5.2 works with i7 processors though...