I guys, i have a big problem. I can't install osx. I have download the follow osx86 distro:
-iDeneb 1.4
-kaliway 10.5.2
-jas 10.4.8
-iatkos 10.5.2

and i have the following problems:
with kaliway,jas and iatkos i fall in an endless reboot loop before the installation progress, after F8 -v...i'ha tried -x and vcpus=1 but no one work for me!!!
Whit ideneb can start the installation and i can format and initalize the hdd but when i have to choose the hdd to install to, ideneb doesn't show to me no hdd so i can't continue.

What should i do???
My hardware is
Motherboard: MSI P45-Neo
VGA: Nvidia XFX 8500GT
Audio: Terratec Aureon 7.1
2 SATA HDD and if requiered 1 IDE HDD

please help me!!!! i really want to use osx