Hi, I have been trying to install mac osx on my dell xt2. My system specs for the tablet are as follows

Intel Core duo Processor 1.4 ghz with 3.00 gb ddr3 sdram
Nvidia graphics card (I'm not sure which its a new laptop I'll edit the post accordingly) but the screen resolution is 1280x800.

I tried to install ideneb 1.3 10.5.5. After a successful install I removed the dvd from my drive and restarted in safe mode. I noticed that the apple logo spun but I saw a circle with a slash on top of the apple logo. I googled and this indicated the drive couldn't mount. So I tried iatkos v7. The weird thing about iatkos v7 was that my mouse driver didn't work when it was booted from dvd. In order to navigate I had to tab and press the spacebar after I selected english as my language. I successfully installed mac osx, but after the initial restart, I got an error saying a restart was required and the os never loaded. I booted into -v and received a mounting error as well as this error that stood out

bsd root disk1s3, major 14 minor 4 on iatkos v7

there was a mounting error as well on ideneb
boot 1: error - this was on ideneb

On both installs, I went through general default settings. I couldn't modify my settings in iatkos v.7 because of my mouse issues described above. I was wondering if this is enough information that will solicit some assistance.

All of this was after I reformatted my hd as mac osx journaled. The previous OS on the system was windows 7. Do you need more information