I posted this on the Insanely Mac forum also if this looks familiar to you.

I've got an Intel powered ECS nForce 570 SLIT-A motherboard with the nForce chipset. I've got a somewhat working install going but it keeps going to sleep. No matter what I disable in the Energy Saver section, turning off all sleep functions it still tries to sleep. You can just "pop" the power button and it comes right back like nothing happened but it happens again in about 30 seconds.

I've tried various kernels on the install disk but it happens with the ones I've tried so far. The processor is an Intel Pentium D dual core, I believe it's a 915 Presler. I've tried the -cpus=1 and -cpus=2 but that doesn't change anything either.

Anybody know how to keep this thing from going into sleep so that I can attempt to figure the rest of it out? I know the networking isn't working but I believe I might can fix that, if not, then I'll go wireless.