ok i built this computer in 2007 with a core 2 duo a nvidia 8600gt a SATA and IDE hdd and a IDE DVD-RAM (only one IDE cable with IDE HDD and IDE DVD-RAM on the cable) and a 1GB ram i want to install osx86 on the IDE HDD but this is what happens:

leo4all: install to IDE: ok restart the "still waiting for root device" happens

so leo4all=FAIL

IPC osx86: i boot up dvd and before install i get the "still waiting for root device" before i get the setup(it just sits at the apple thing or the error in the -v mode)


any help appreciated! i want the IPC but i always the the error before i install.


P.S: The sata will work but the it wont detect the IDE HDD or DVD-RAM. the SATA also has ubuntu and i want to keep it.