Hello guys.
Im working hard here to make this work.
Im unsing the Ipc 10.5.6 on a Intel Buffalo Creek DG33BU
After try severeal kernels on the insltalation the leopard finaly worked, but I still got a lot of trouble
Troble list:
-When I mount any instalation the Leopard crash and ask to reset.
-CD/DVD its not working
-My Creative XFi Fataly sound card still not working.
-The Leopard only start up if I disconect the windows XP HD, and if put the Ipc 10.5.6 DVD o.O, crazy no?

I did anything wrong? Any 1 can help me with wich kernels I should use?

I need to use mac for music my job, and I realy cant buy a $MacPro$ XD

Any answer its welcome, thx.