Hello Hackint0sh!
Today, i have thought: "If Hackint0sh will not work on my notebook pc, why not installing it on my desktop pc?"
So, i have started installing iPC just a while ago.
I am just critical about two-three (I am trying out Audio, when iPC will be installed on my Hackint0sh) devices, which i need to get working.
Those two-three devices are:
Wireless Network Card: Realtek WL-8305 (I need it for browsing the internet.)
Graphics Card: ATi Radeon HD4850 ( I am thinking about using Natka's drivers, of course, i need it to get HW accel to work.)
And the third one which is maybe will work or not is the soundcard, which appears to be a Intel High Definition Audio according to motherboard producer. Link to my motherboard is just here: Click here!
More specs are here:
Processor: Intel Celeron Dual-Core @ 2.0GHz
Graphics Card: ATi Radeon 4850
Memory: 2GB DDR2 @ 533mhz (Limited by motherboard..) (They are actually 800 mhz)
Sound card: Intel High Definition Audio
Keyboard: on PS/2 Port
Mouse: Logitech MX518 (USB)
I think that's all. At first install, installer said that OSX couldn't be installed: 920Voodoo (? probably kernel) couldn't install. I have not selected it! I'll try to reinstall.
Thanks for help