Hi guys, I'm trying to install the ipc 10.5.6 distro on a dell diimension e520 (1.8 gig dual core, 2gb RAM), on an 500gb external drive. According to all the tutorials i've read this should work, but I can't even get to the install screen.
Booting the dvd to the default grey apple load screen loads for a bout 3 mins and then the comp turns off... loading with the -v option selected everything seems to run fine, although I have noticed that the text "failed to create /Library/Logs with error: Read only file system" often comes up, however after a few minutes the computer turns itself off again.

Does anyone know if it would help to turn off one of the processors before install, and should I format my external drive to HFS before attempting to load the boot disk? I've tried disconnecting my internal drive with the XP install on whilst trying to load the disk aswell and no joy. Also, I currently have no peripherals connected, only my keyboard, mouse, and the external drive I intend to install OSX on.

Help! And sorry for my probable bad use of techy language!