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Discuss Installing iATKOS v7 from USB. at the Installation -; Yes i know there are LOTS of threads about this but nothing works. Now, my ...
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    Question Installing iATKOS v7 from USB.

    Yes i know there are LOTS of threads about this but nothing works.
    Now, my DvD burner has died and i wanted to install iATKOS from a USB, but i do not have a mac or hackintosh so i can't do it via osx and need to do it from windows, BUT the "Leopard hd install helper" witch is the only program i can find for this, only lets you transfer the install to a USB HDD.
    And i am using a USB Flash Drive. So, is there ANY way of doing this with any other windows program?

    Running Windows 7 64bit.

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    Hi. I never posted on a forum of any kind before but I read this and after hours and hours spread across many days I figured out how to get Hackintosh on my dell mini so I feel I should give back. I am aware that there's apparently something called "bringing a dead thread to life" which people bug out about but I guess I'll learn the hard way when someone yells


    This is copied and pasted out of an email I wrote to myself after install.
    They are personal notes so feel free to ask if anythings confusing.
    Please get all the programs before you ask about the ??! boxes and the unetbootin drop down menu.
    A lot of this stuff can be googled but I don't mind helping.

    Use HP Partition Utility (USB Key format) or something named similarly.
    Format USB Key to FAT32 and then use unetbootin to install freeDOS.
    Delete all drive contents - the only thing you needed from FreeDOS is the MBR
    Use ddmac.exe (can be found on google as leopard helper)
    On the top select your iso / dmg file.
    Uncheck ?? check box near ??! button (its a chinese program but it works)
    In the top drop down box after your iso select your destination drive
    Reclick the ?? check box
    On the bottom select your root hard drive (usually C:/)
    Click the button - it will say not responding for quite a while (15 min max)
    Boot from USB and enjoy!

    <if a particular iso isn't working resort to kalyway or older iso>
    *google is your friend you can always search for the ones that work with ddmac
    <do not touch bottom check boxes just the top one near the botton!>

    I know that this works with an old kalyway (10.5.2) iso which I'm using now. I'm going to try iATKOS v7 now.
    I'm really only sticking to older distros (do they only call them distros in Linux?) because the new ones don't support AMD.
    I love the idea of carrying around a key drive that I can use to install Mac on most computers.

    Best of luck!

    I would like to add preemptively that I brought this thread up for a reason. In all the time I spent trying to figure this stuff out I saw many unanswered threads. I'm really not the type to post but figured if I can help save someone a tremendous headache I should.

    You can say that installing such an old version of OSX is now irrelevant but this can always be used so that you can restore a newer version to a USB from Mac saving you having to go to a friend, buy an external DVD drive (for my netbook friends) and try every combination of boot cds and other frustrating garbage out there.




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