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Discuss installed but now my fan wont come on at all? at the Installation -; could i please get some help here everything works like a charm no prob first ...
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    Exclamation installed but now my fan wont come on at all?

    could i please get some help here everything works like a charm no prob first try but i just have no dam fan
    i know there is a way to fx this
    please admin i need help

    pc x86 10.5.6
    here is my specs
    * Intel Pentium Dual Core T2080 / 1.73 GHz
    * Multi-Core processor technology Dual-Core
    * Data bus speed 533.0 MHz
    * Chipset type Mobile Intel 943GML Express
    Cache Memory
    * Type L2 cache
    * Cache size 1.0 MB
    * Installed Size 1.5 gig
    * Technology DDR2 SDRAM - 533.0 MHz
    * Graphics Processor / Vendor Intel GMA 950
    * Video Memory Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3.0
    * Max Allocated RAM Size 256.0 MB
    * Audio output type Sound card and atheros wifi

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    Default sounds like ACPI issue - no fan

    See HCL 10.5.6/Portables - OSx86 - search "fan" and see the issue of the fan there and possible fix.

    These "please help me" cries are always funny.

    If you go to a Medical Doctor and just scream "please help me" and will give no symptoms or clues as to what is going on - even a Doctor cannot help you but begin guessing - and guess what - they get paid to do so - no one here is being paid by you, and still the doctor could end up killing you rather than saving you because you did not tell a critic piece of information - like a severe allergy or something like that which could kill you in his efforts to help you. Computers - especially the OS's of computers are NO DIFFERENT.

    You do not say what is going on. No one is a mind reader here and were not sitting in front of your machine.

    A Kext is likely probably not loading or blocking something. Possibly the ACPI or ACHI.

    The kexts are vendor and device ID specific - so if the kext does not have the right vendor and model ID referenced in the kext file - it will fail - or pass up the device anyway.

    You have to figure this out yourself - it is YOUR machine. They are all different as to what is in the unit from the manufacturer, and even if using common device components - the vendor and device ID may be different that what the kext might have in it.

    If you have Windows still on the same machine - and it is working - you can do kext editing from inside windows by installing some helper tools to look into the HPS drive. Use Windows Text Editor Download and Download Ext2Fsd 0.46 - An open source Ext2 File System Driver for Windows - Softpedia and Catacombae - HFSExplorer (HFS Explorer) to see and get at the Mac files in Windows. OR You can BUY Macdrive. If you are having dual boot problems try installing EasyBCD from inside Windows to boot between the two. Its free.

    This above will only work if you have been smart enough to do a dual boot machine where Windows is on another partition or permanent drive in the same computer.

    You can see the vendor and device ID in Windows, and the kext will have a name and you can find the vendor and device ID in the text of the kext info.plist. You can edit this from the windows side with the editor above - and use no other - they will not work.

    After you get in through safe mode, you can run "diskutils repairpermissions /" (without the quotes) and to fix the changes you made from the Windows side

    There are ways to do this from the -s boot option (single user mode) but it is really getting UNIX specific as to the commands, and if you are there and know nothing anyway - you should probably pay someone, buy a real MAC or just give up - OR get ready for a real extensive learning curve and research on the web.

    You need to do some research on how the Mac OS works. Match your kext families with the missing parts of the OS not loading - change the vendor and device ID's and one at a time - you'll get them working and the boot errors will go away.

    If you have/had IPC 10.5.6 ppf4 or ppf5 you would likely have most of the kexts - but they might not have the right vendor ID and device ID for the unit you are trying to install on.

    Once installed, you need to boot in safe mode from the Darwin prompt with the -x option. Use -v also so you can see what it is loading and if it does stop in safe mode and where. Then you can try -v -f on another boot to see if it will make it all the way

    The MacOS is at it's core - UNIX - you cannot just lump a question in something and throw it here that is non-descriptive as to tell anyone not at your PC what is TRULY going on, even though I am a UNIX engineer.

    No one can help you if they cannot tell what is really going on - and if you are not ready to learn some UNIX - give up now.

    If you install the right kexts (Kernel EXTensionS) with the right vendor id's applicable the system will load them as it finds the hardware during the boot process.

    Read the clues of the boot process yourself and do some research as to what they mean and then if you have a specific question you cannot find on the Internet or in the forums - that someone can identify - post that.

    Of course you can always BUY a real MAC, and then holler "please help me" all you want to Apple Computer Support, and at some point they will tell you the same thing.



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