Hello everyone,

I am having a problem with the Kalyway 10.5.2 Intel/AmD build. I installed it on a clean HD,I loaded the installing with the speedstepkernel that was on the build.

Everything went very smooth, and after the install is done is where am stuck. The darwin boot menu appears and I let it just boot the os.

After that the screen go's gray as normal with the apple symbol in the middle, then after a few mins of loading I get a little circle with a cross line through it.

Then everything goes to a halt. What do I need to do? Or I should say, what am I not doing? I feel I might have missed something, or maybe I just got a bad build.

My specs are:
Amd 64 x2 6000+
Asus motherboard – can get the model if needed
2gigs DDR3 800 MHz
Ati Radean 3870