Hello, I am new to OSx86 and wanted to give it a try. I am on an HP 6930p EliteBook

(here are the specs: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/pr...eBook6930p.pdf)

I have the OSx86 1.4v 10.5.6 already burned and fine but when I go to -v I get this: (This is just from the last part where errors occured)

"Can't determine immediate dependencies for extension org.tgwd.driver.ACPIPS2Nub
Extension "com.apple.drives, driver AppbACPIThermal has no explicit kernel dependency; using verison 6.0 IOPCCard Bridge:: start failed
Firewire (DHCI) ID 1180 ID 832 PCI Now active,
GUID 5566778811223344; max speed s400.
Error: Firewire unable to determine secruity mode: defaulting to full screen.
Still waiting on root device."

I don't know if I can even get past this or if I can even do it on my laptop, but I'm giving it a shot, any advice would be great, thanks!