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Discuss Installation doesn't complete with iAtkos, infinite boot screen or restart your comp at the Installation -; Here are my system specs; Mobo : Asus Rampage II Processor : Intel Core i7 ...
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    Default Installation doesn't complete with iAtkos, infinite boot screen or restart your comp

    Here are my system specs;

    Mobo : Asus Rampage II
    Processor : Intel Core i7 2.66 Ghz
    RAM : 9 GB DDR3
    Graphics: NVidia Geforce GTX 260
    1 TB HDD

    My Goal: Dual Boot Windows 7 and OSX

    At first I tried running deneb, but I couldn't get the installer to boot, it would just flash the apple logo and go off. Later, I downloaded iAtkos v7 and got it to boot into the installer by enabling achi, disabling hyperthreading, and having it run one core of my processor, and then using the boot flag -v cpus=1 busratio=20.

    In the installer I made a new partition and formatted it to Mac OS Extended (I also tried Mac OS Extended (Journaled, but to no avail).

    When it installed, it would almost finish bet then at the very end it would go into a black screen and then some code would pop down, (something to do with syncing the drives), and then my computer would reboot with the CD still in it would go into an infinite boot with a grey background, the apple logo, and a spinning wheel. Sometimes it would tell me I had to restart my computer. When I took out the CD, it just said boot0:done, and wouldn't do anything.

    Next I tried formatting my drive completely, but the same exact problems occurred, except now when I took out the CD, it took me to a screen that I believe is the bootloader Chameleon v2 and said it was booting darwin. Now it just shows another grey screen slightly different from the one before, with a slightly different apple logo and a spinning wheel that never does anything.

    After this I just got frustrated and tried to install Windows 7 again, but the CD won't boot, it still goes into the bootloader instead. Yes, I have my bios settings set to boot the DVD drive first.

    Any help with getting Windows 7 or OSX working again is greatly appreciated. This is expecially frustrating because I can't get Windows or OSX to boot at all, so the computer is pretty much sitting dormant.

    Yes, I'm a complete noob to this scene and Macs in general, so I have absolutely no idea how macs really work.

    Edit: I just tried using the boot flag I used from before, and there was a bunch of code that ended with;
    Feb 20 06:38:20 localhost kextd[10]: Idkitwaitquiet() timed out waiting to write kernal symbols
    Feb 20 06:38:44 localhost configd[47]: interfaceNamer: timed out waiting for IOKit to quiesce

    Edit2: I got Windows working again by formatting my hard drive to all free space in disk manager, putting in a Windows Vista disk and upgrading with a Windows 7 disk.
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