Hey guys I am new here,
I have iATKOS v7 and I am trying to install it on a separate partition on my HDs. Windows vista is on a separate HD along with Ubuntu. On the second drive I have a storage space and a partitioned MAC space formated under Mac os journaled.

My system is:
Itel extreme series DP45SG motherboard,
Q9300 core 2 quad
Nvidia 9800 GT
2 HDs (one has vista and ubuntu the other one is for storage and eventually MAC)

The DVD does boot with the instructions from
uphuck.ggrn.de • View topic - THE MICKEY MOUSE GUIDE TO INSTALL IATKOS V7

but as soon as the files are copied things get quite strange.The PC turns of, then gets back on and just as it tries to boot up it turns back off again. It acts like this until I physically shut down the power supply and then take off the MAC OS X cd.

After I physically stop the PC everything goes back to normal and windows vista and Ubuntu work perfectly fine for some time. I was wondering if it is possible that it is my powersupply that freaks out or it is something else.