I had some bad luck with an install last earler this week. Spent days, and finally got a set of hardware together that worked and got it all installed. Soon as I moved the machine or touched anything inside, something stopped working....
Seemed to be a mobo fault...so took out the HDD's and RAM, and trashed the rest...big hammer felt much better.

Today, received another box (TINY Intel Celeron) and was going to build it up with Xubuntu to stick in the workshop to play music. Stuck in a HDD...and booted from Live CD...but no ....I forgot to put the CD in the drive.
Came back and there was my Leopard desktop from the install on the other box from a few days earlier. Kalyway 10.5.2....or 10.5.1 cant remember

Anyway, no sound or usb or ethernet....is it possible to install drivers now, or do they have to be installed when the system is installed.

I am assuming you can install drivers etc and have read of these kext files...drivers of sorts I believe?

I booted the TINY machine back into Win 2k, and ran a CPU/hardware program. I do have the details, but am not going to post the big file here just yet.

I did try the Kalyway 10.5.2 cd, but it did not work, it just hangs at the 'Waiting for boot device ' error

Will I be able to use the instaled Leopard system as on the HDD or will I need to install again fresh?