I have an Acer Aspire 5315-2153, upgraded somewhat.

# Vista Ultimate 32bit (Originally Home Basic, need to upgrade to 64bit since I just upgraded the CPU yesterday! Cost only $20 but ordered it Oct. 10 and received Nov. 5.)
# Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 (Originally Celeron D 530 Core 2 Solo)
# 1.66 GHz CPU Speed (Originally 1.73 Ghz, processor score went up to 4.7 from 3.9. Wayyyy faster to use than with the Celery chip.)
# 2 GB DDR2 RAM (Originally 1 gig, supposedly 2 gig max, have seen reports of 3 gig.)
# Latest BIOS from Acer Europe, which is many revisions newer than what Acer USA's site has. (What a bunch of slackers we have...)
# 500 GB hard drive (Originally 80 gig)
# Dell TSST TS-L632D DVD+-RW drive (Flashed retail firmware to enable all supported formats. Originally a combo drive.)
# Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
# Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset (Vista says it's a 965)
# Atheros AR5007EG 802.11b/g Wireless LAN
# 56K ITU V.92 modem (Would be nice to be able to replace with something else that's useful!)
# Broadcom NetLink 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN
# 15.4-inch WXGA Acer CrystalBrite TFT LCD display w/1280 x 800 pixel resolution

The drive is currently split into a 155 gig and a 310 gig partition. I can copy the 55 gig of stuff off the big partition and delete it then re-create a smaller data partition and a partition for OS X. Probably split into two 155 gig partitions.

I'd like to install Lion on the 2nd partition and have the 3rd partition as a common area for both systems, ideally hiding the Vista partition from OS X so it cannot scatter its MacDroppings of trash and desktop folders and files everywhere. (Does it ask "Can I write stuff to your PC volumes?" No, it does not. Mac never has asked, it just does.)

I'd really really like to install OS X without disturbing the Vista install, hopefully Vista can be upgraded to 64 bit without having to "nuke and pave".

I do have an olde CRT iMac DV 450Mhz G3 with a 40 gig 7,200 RPM drive, 512 meg RAM, AirPort, running 10.4.11 - but it only has a CD-ROM. ("DV", without even a DVD-ROM drive? WTH? That combination never should've left the factory. The 7,200 RPM drive makes it tolerable to use.)

I have no external USB or FireWire burner, but do have an USB to IDE cable - which tends to be a bit flaky and crap out during long transfers of large files, but it did work from the laptop to one of my desktop DVD burners when I made its recovery DVD disks. (Before I swapped in the DVD burner and wiped Home Basic for Ultimate.)

I also have an 8 gig USB stick I can clear off, will soon be getting the Lion download version.

Is it in any way possible to do the USB Lion installer preparation from Windows? I know doing it using the iMac will likely be horribly slow, if it can be done from 10.4.11 at all.

However it needs to be done, I can do it. I've done plenty of crazy things with computers since 1983. =) (One was an 80286 with 12 megabytes RAM. Hot stuff.)