I'm trying to install osx onto an external hard disk but I can't manage to make it boot.
I have a HP Pavilion DV2550EA with Linux running on internal hard disk. A few months ago I installed OSX onto internal hard disk and it worked flawlessly but now I don't want to wipe internal hard disk and make partitions and dual booting: I just wanted to install OSX onto external hard drive and boot it whenever I need it (I'm trying to learn iPhone programming...).
I have installed OSX onto external hard disk and I can boot it using darwin boot loader from DVD with boot parameter "rd=disk1s1" but that way I can't load kernel modules and many things don't work.
Booting directly from external drive returns me error "boot1:error".
I have copied file boot from hard drive in /, copied (with dd command) boot1h onto hard drive /dev/rdisk1s1 but it still returns me "boot1:error".
What am I missing? What can I do? I have searched the forum but still I can't manage to find a solution
Bye bye.