I'm new in this world, and i'd like to install hackintosh on my laptop (acer travelmate 2003 wlmi).

I'v been looking for info about how to do it... i'm lost... i don't know wich version and how to do it, i wish you can help me to know it.

I've found this info at (HCL 10.5.6/Portables - OSx86) so i think that i can install it, but i dont know if i can install a newer version. It's upgraded and now it have 2gb of ram.

Travelmate 3002

Install Method: iPC OSx86 Universal 10.5.6 Final ISO

What works:

* Processor: Intel 1.7Ghz Pentium M (selected voodo kernel patch at install)
* Video: Intel GMA 900 propper resolution, QE, CI, works perfect
* Touchpad & Mouse: works (install PS2 mouse patches)
* Ethernet: Broadcom - not tested
* Firewire

What doesn't work:

* Bluetooth
* Audio: AC97 : Installed during setup but didnt work
* WLAN: Intel 2200GB - not working even with latest driver from iwidarwin

Thanks you a lot for helping and sorry about my english. I'm spanish.