ok im new to this, im using virtual box 4.0.12 ive installed xp in virtual box on my windows 7 pc, it works great. but i want ideneb v1.3 osx 10.5.5 but when i install it gets all the way to a screen that asks "select a destination, where do you want to install ideneb v1.3 10.5.5. but it gives me nothing to choose, my brother told me its at a part where you pick a hard drive to install it on he thinks. im in need of some help if anybody got answers thanks.

aw i tried osx86 10.7 but those get stuck at the beginning with the apple logo.

my pc is a hp model p7-1026
windows 7 64bit, processor AMD phenom II X4 940t, socket am3(938)
ghraphic ati radeon HD 4200
mother board manufacturer: foxconn, model 2ab1