Hi there,

I was trying to search a bit with google and within this forum.

I already installed a few month ago kalyway on my medion akoya e1210, which is mainly the same construct like the msi wind u100.

It worked quite well besides problems with my wifi chip.

Now i got the ideneb version 1.4 and would like to install it on my computer.

Therefore i do have the following questions:

How can i install ideneb on my computer without using a burned dvd image.

The problem with the medion akoya e1210 is, that it doesnt have any dvd rom and i am not thinking to buy one just for installing one time the ideneb version 1.4.

A few month ago when i was installing kalyway i was installing it from an partition on my computer, but i had help from a friend. unfortunately i canīt remeber what he did.

can anyone help me?

hopefully i described everything clear enough

thanks in advance for your help.