I've been trying to install iDeneb Lite, 10.5.8 - fresh install but I keep getting the same kernal panic every time no matter what changes I try.

Install HD is SATA, tried IDE and AHCI modes in bios w/ no change
Video is Nvidia 8600GT - 256mb
Audio - I use firewave outboard surround so no drivers or kexts are needed, it always installs fine post install using it's own drivers
LAN - Netgear, works without adding drivers or kexts

I also have 2 firewire HDs and one USB - tried disconnecting them and w/ connected - no change

I've tried the voodoo 9.5 kernel
-left install defaults alone
for drivers I selected:
Video: Nvidia inject - 256
Chipset: Tried ICH fix and no selections - no change

I tried some different kernels - all resulted in same KP

I was able to get the xXx 10.4.8 installed and working but it has some issues in need of repair, it's backed up to a dmg file while I try to get a newer distro working (mainly so my SATA ports will all work including my DVD burner which does not show up at all on the older distro).