Well I've just successfully (as far as I know...) installed iDeneb 1.5.

Disabled and changed all the crap in my BIOS settings. Installed onto an apple formatted partition of my HDD. Seemed to go pretty flawlessly. I'm planning on Dual booting XP and OSX. I'm using XP on this particular machine right now and everything is running fine.


Win XP Home SP3

Pentium Dual-Core @ 2.5GHZ



500GB SATA HDD (un-sure on brand...machine was built by a friend)

SATA DVD-RW drive (Samsung, but is not branded)

IDE CD drive (Disabled in BIOS)


After installing it told me to restart (as you probably know) so I did.
When my machine restarted it booted from the DVD (As I'd set it to boot from my DVD drive so i could install iDeneb). I thought...oohhhh...this will just try and install it again...which I don't want...So I restarted, went into teh BIOS menu and was GOING to set it to boot from the OSX partition...but it wasn;t there...There were three options for booting.

1) My harddrive (at the end it says P1...partition 1?)
2) My DVD drive
3) Just said "Disabled"

I assumed that "Disabled" is my OSX partition, so I set that as my 1st boot selection (just incase) and my DVD drive as the 2nd option.

Just as I thought...it would not boot OSX...just went straight to the DVD and booted the Installer. I'm stumped...

Now in XP I cannot see the OSX partition of my HDD.


In Paragon Partition manager I can see the HFS formatted partition.

If I set the partition as active will this let me boot into OSX? Will both my OSX partition and my XP partition remain active and thsi allow me to choose either to boot in my BIOS?

I'm just worried that I won't be able to boot in XP anymore :S

Sorry about the long post :S

Thanks to anyone who is willing to help!