I got ideneb 10.5.5 up and running GREAT but bricked my install during a failed modified 10.5.6 update (ideneb's update link's on his website don't work)...

anyway, now when I try to boot off my ideneb 1.4 10.5.6 dvd I keep getting that "still waiting for root device" error...

What did he change between 5.5 and 5.6 that causes it to crash on boot now?

What loads after the firewire? After the firewire fails to load (cause my mobo doesn't have firewire) then I get the error?

Tried iPC 10.5.6 and that reboots my computer in -v mode before I can even see where it's crashing.

I'm a relatively new so be gentle and complete in instructions/things to try...

BTW 10.5.5 running with ethernet and everything was AWESOME!!! I LOVED IT!

MSI P6N, Geforce 8800gts 512
SATA HD's (unable to find bios settings for AHCI)