I've had iAKTOS v7 running on my main machine for awhile now. With the success of it, i decided to give it a go on VirtualBox. Here's my problem: whenever I try to boot up the install disk, it hangs at the Apple loading screen. When run with the -v switch, it hangs at a message similar to "ACPI device doesn't support sleep". I'm using a different machine to post here, so I can't give the exact output. It used to hang at "ATA Device: cookie checksum not valid" or similar, but I've bypassed that by creating a BusLogic SCSI controller. Everything, sound, network, USB (EHCI) except the SCSI controller is disabled. I've tried disabling ACPI and running with the "platform=x86pc" argument, but then it kernel panics on me?

Has anybody managed to get iAKTOS v7 running on VirtualBox? Is it possible and if so, how can i get past this problem?