I have been wanting to install iAtkos v7 on my pc for a few weeks but have a few questions. I have iAtkos v1 but is this very different to v7 or is it that v1 is 10.5.1 and v7 is 10.5.7?

My next question is about preparing my mother board for iAtkos v7. I looked on the Wiki of iAtkos on the list of compatible motherboards http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.5.8 it said that I had to
Before install: Update and flash patched bios v2102/ make sure drives are in AHCI mode. DVD Drive should also be in AHCI mode. All drives connected via SATA.
I know how to flash the bios in my computer but I do not know how to flash this version of modded bios and where to get it from. A big thanks to anyone that can help me with this one.

If anyone knows a better way of installing leopard on to my pc that would be very useful too. I have a retail copy of leopard which I could use.