As the post name states im having trouble with booting iAtkos v7 it seems to just stay at the aple logo looking like its trying to boot (spinning wheel).
And after a while i get a weird "forbidden sign" pic in the middle of my screen wich i wil post a foto of later on.
I already got the kalyway distro working though no internet usb nothing also none of the programs seemed to work.
So i know my pc can run OS X. I wil post a copy of -v here soon.

And here are my pc specs:
ASUS p5ql pro
Intel Core2Duo 3ghz (Cant find out wich type atm)
Samsung SATA 750gb
Nvidia Geforce GT220

Every help is apreciated. And i know alot of other people have the same problems though the solutions posted there dont seem to work for me.