Ive done reinstalled this thing like 3 times, due to selecting the wrong mouse options( it worked all 3 times, i could get to the desktop etc) Now i reinstall it with the same settings due to when i was adding more drivers i accidently pressed the Apple PS/2 or something and you cant use both Voodoo ps2 abd apple ps2. And now after the white apple logo, my screen goes black and goes to stand by.

It seems all this started happening when i plugged my computer to a different room, which has access to an ethernet cable(cant get my wireless router to work on mine) And the monitor their used a VGA port, and mine uses a DVI port. So i thought plugging in that VGA port some how sent wrong codes or something to the HD so i went and plugged my computer back into my monitor and it didnt work.

So i reinstalled iATK again, and it still doesnt work.

If you need to know these are my computer specs.

Asus P5Q Pro Motherboard
Quad Core Q6600
Raedon HD 4850

that should be all that matters