i would like to share my experience of installing

iATKOS v7 on AMD 7750 GA ma78gm s2h

i just tried to install without making any changes as how i would install windows

it started with Grey apple screen and after few mins it gave option
"Click button to continue"

but it gave problem that neither keyboard nor mouse worked .

then after doing web research that i should change settings in bios

should change ACHI instead of SATA

and now i tried to my suprise it started and now mouse and keyboard worked and i tried Chameleon 2 bootloader and it took around 30 mins to install

and after finishing it asked to restart

when i restart it gave boot order selection and i selected OSx86 installed
disk it started Darwin loading and it restarted

i tried many times and the result was the same

any sort of help why it reboots after Darwin loading do i need to apply any patch

main reason for starting this thread is to share my experiecne for my AMD processor and motherboard with other

i still expect help from someone!!!

hope some one help me out