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Discuss iAtkos v7 [10.5.7 Leo] and VMWare 6.5 at the Installation -; I'm writing this post from my hackintosh iAtkos v7 as a dualboot with Windows 7 ...
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    Default iAtkos v7 [10.5.7 Leo] and VMWare 6.5

    I'm writing this post from my hackintosh iAtkos v7 as a dualboot with Windows 7 which I could make very easy. So I thought why reboot everytime when I need to do something inside Mac? Downloaded VMWare 6.5 and tried to set it up, failed. Went on the internet and tried out 5 different methods. I've used the setup.cmd install patch to fix VMWare itself, used FreeBSD config with BIOS 32bit I/O Enabled and so on, but regardless which method I used I ended up with the same result:

    System boots, loads DVD with flags: -v -f busratio=12 cpus=1, while the bootscreen fills with the infos from -v I read a lot of I/O errors, mkdir(), read-only and so on until finally it goes to the welcome screen and sits there with the spinning rainbow wheel for ever!

    I don't understand this, I've read like 3 articles where they installed iAtkos v7 in VMWare without any special configuration and my system looks up every time. What I don't understand is, that I've got a working install of iAtkos v7 on my real system and VMWare fails. My hardware is 100% supported so what am I doing wrong? I found out that a few other people had the same problem (mkdir, read-only etc). Why the mkdir and read only errors? Is the virtual drive inaccessible?

    I tried:
    Setup FreeBSD, IDE HD, 32bit I/O enabled, disabled all other stuff (floppy, parallel ports, etc), used iAtkos v7, original Leopard DVD with darwin boot, edited the *.vmx file with guestOS name, and all the other fix ups, changed CPU mode from auto to binary and so on and nothing works!

    I'm loosing my mind here! Has anyone an idea why it shows up with those readonly mkdir errors and sits in the raindbow wheel screen forever?

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    I tried to do the same with VMware workstation 6.5 as well as VMware workstation 7.something and receive the same errors... iAktos v7. Try to find just the .ISO and load that into vmware... might solve a few of your problems. Regardless, you are probably going to have video issues until you can load the vmware tools. Vmware uses a defualt vesa driver to show video for the VM. But you do not have any sort of hardware video, so you cannot tell it what kext to use, it will not work.

    Good Luck!



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