I've attempted to use iAtkos v1.0i, which is proven to work with my computer. I can install Darwin (Non-EFI) and Leopard successfully, but when i take the DVD out and reboot, my power light flashes amber (Dell). After many power cycles to clear the BIOS error, if i try to boot off my newly created Mac OSX hard drive, I get the dreaded white blinking cursor. So then, reboot, BIOS error, power cycles, THIS TIME i try with the DVD inside the drive to boot back into installation. I then get "com.apple.Boot.plist (or something like that) is not found. Here is the specs of the computer I'm installing iAtkos on:
Dell Optiplex GX280
Intel Pentium 4@3.6 GHZ (Yes, 3.6)
1024 MBs of RAM
Western Digital Caviar Green 1 TB
I am not sure of the GPU, it is not on board. Doesn't look like an ATI or NVidia.
I obtained this computer purely for Hackintoshing (if thats even a word ) and my main computer is completely separate from this experiment.
I'm fairly sure I've gotten all my BIOS settings down, etc. I've pretty much searched every forum out there for information regarding my GX280. They all give the same info on how to install it. I'm done with wild goose chases and would love some help!