I've been following this tutorial to install iatkos 5i in VmWare. I'm running a Dell Inspiron 1525 with an Intel Core 2 Duo, 3gb of ram, and Mepis Linux(Debian) on it. I'm trying to install it on VmWare 6.5.1, just like in the tutorial I linked. I think I did everything this guy did, at least all of this:

1. Virtual Disk should be IDE type, and minimal 8 GB.
2. OS type selection is "other" and the version is "FreeBSD64"
3. Ethernet mode is bridge (I tried NAT mode but I can't make it running) and make sure that the bridged ethernet on the host is the active link.
4. I use the iso disk images as the source of CD / DVD.

But I never get to the welcome screen. After the apple screen the desktop starts to come up and the cursor starts spinning with the little rainbow wheel and it never stops. I don't know but the guy never said how much RAM to use. I tried 384MB and 256MB. That's the first thing I thought it could be. Any suggestions?