Ok so i installed the iatkos 5i and i did the sleep trick to get to the setup
i set it up and got to the desktop then i installed a few drivers form the dell studio driver pack(special made for the osx86) and also the earth thingy driver pack and also i installed the sleep display patch(so i dont need to do a sleep trick when i boot.
ok so then i restarted my computer problems began
the apple boot like keeps getting stuck in sense of lagg (it wont stop it just pause and starts again) took about 3-4 min to boot then the sleep display patch worked but it keeps changing 5 sec screen is on and then off and then again on and off and to top that op my mouse and keyboard keeps lagging i cant do a thing with that anws someone please help me i need to get rid of this problem

Dell Studio 1535
Intel dual core 1.5ghz
3GB Memory Ram
250GB hardrive
Video card: Intel GMAX3100
Dell Broadcom 1397 WiFi
Integrated Camera
Ethernet 5784M
IDT HD Audio