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Discuss I totally fucked my computer up! at the Installation -; So i was going to triple boot vista 7 and snowleopard. I had already installed ...
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    Default I totally fucked my computer up!

    So i was going to triple boot vista 7 and snowleopard. I had already installed vista and 7. I tried to install it using a usb method that i found on youtube. I folowed the video exact except. i forgot to uncheck ps/2 and check legacy ata.
    YouTube - How to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on PC! SnowOSX UniFlash v1.0!
    Would have missing those steps messed anything up. The problem is that possible the hd partition didn't work and ended up erasing vista and 7. OSX was working right after i installed, but when i turned it off and went to boot back up, no os booted up. I am unable to boot off of usb or cd. is there any way to totally wipe my hd and install 7 and try osx again.

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    I'm gonna show off how much of a retard I am...hold on for this one...

    First, you should post your hardware and what version you are trying to install, as much info as possible and you might get a response.

    Second, why in the hell are you trying to triple boot? I could see dual booting for gaming purposes and all that but triple booting? If/when you get a working OSX install, you probably won't ever care about Windows again, or I don't and I intend to buy a real Mac because of it.

    My suggestion would be to get yourself a copy of Hirens Bootdisk. Are you using the same hard drive to install all this on or are you using 2 or 3 hard drives, how are you attempting this? I used two in the beginning to dual boot Vista & OSX. I installed Vista first...then OSX. Booted into Vista, you might have to unplug the OSX drive for this, installed the BCD program (I can't remember the correct name) and followed the steps in the guide for it.

    Rebooted and all was well. No problems. Seems like it even used the Windows boot loader to give me the option to pick Vista or OSX, pretty simple.

    Post your hardware and distro version. Post your method. Give as much info as possible...



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