Hey all this is my first post so please be gental

OK here goes,
I recently bought a mac mini and loved it so much i decided to hack my sony viao.

I had some success with leo4all (10.5.2)

wifi and sound work so can be used for most of my day to day things but i cannot get the ethernet or the gfx to work properly so i cant use things like vnc or watch anything in full screen.

i couldnt find any video drivers that worked unfortunatly.

I then tried to install Iatkos v7.... heres where the main problem is...
on the first install everything went well... i chose all the right things to install and then after the install screen i got a no keyboard and mouse error grrr.... ok so i went to reinstall choosing to install the kb+m drivers and now all im getting is SAM READ ERRORS

I have checked the MD5 and thats fine.

i have re-burnt the iso

i have tried on a dvdrw disc

i have bought another box of dvds

i have burnt the disc on the mac mini and on the laptop

all i get now is SAM READ ERRORS

Im so confused as to why it is doing this now.

I have tried to clean my dvd's lense with no success.

Also im haing a problem where i cant boot to the hdd anymore without having my leo4all dvd in to boot into my partition.

Please help!!!

its a sony viao n38 laptop by the way