Hi all,
I am very new to mac here, i want to intall mac on my pc. Its P4 with SSE2, SSE3 and 64 support. IDE HDD and dvd burner, 2GB ram, asrock woldale MB.

1. I got ideneb 1.3, installed with select everything: work oki but USB see when plug in from boot, screen solution is showed only mode. If install what hardware i have and select one kernel: work but cant shutdown (tried many ways still doesn't fix problem)

2. i install ideneb 10.5.4: work well but does not see ALC662 audio, tried to install some of audio kext but doesnt work either.

3. My friend gave me a retail 10.5.4 but dont know how to to install this. I burned generic.iso without add anything, but still does not work. I just wonder if i need to add any kext to generic.iso

4. So, please someone share or show me how to install this retail or ideneb1.3 with shutdown problem. Thanks alot for yr help, much apreciated !!