i have dell xps studio 1800 with an intel core i7 processor, 1Tb of hard drive space and 8Gb memory

i have no idea what the model of the motherboard is but i think its on the dell website somewhere

i have been trying to install mac os x leopard and snow leopard on this machine and no luck so far the closest i have gotten was when i disabled the CPUs XD support in the bio and used the boot 132 and leopard install disk the apple logo displayed for about 5 seconds them the machine restarted itself

apparently mac might work on this machine but for some reason its restarting itself when it boot the mac cd what does that mean i also tried some patched version of mac os x (the one by hazzard and iatkos v7 still no luck) when i tried those the computer just restarted itself without displaying the apple logo

i tried booting the installation dvd by using iboot but this time i get a kernel panic (a bunch of letters saying some stuff i don't understand and the apple logo in the background and a message telling me i have to restart my computer)

i appreciate the help