Hello everyone, this is my first post here because I'm trying to put together a Hackintosh from some "old" hardware I have laying around.

Now I have the following dilemma I have regarding the constant failure of the OSX installation and I can't figure out why.

Up front I'll post some hardware specs:
- Asus P5K-E Wifi/AP Motherboard
- Intel Q6600 Processor
- OCZ Flex EX PC2 9600 (OCZ2FXE12004GK) Memory
- Asus 8400 GS Graphics Card
- Western Digital 250 GB HDD

Now I got one combination of disks (iBoot + Mac OSX 10.6.6 Hazard Edition...whatever that is) that I got working once but when I got around to toying with driver support it got messed up and stopped working. Now I can't reinstall that version or any other version for that matter. It keeps giving the fatal black screen with text in it referring to the ACHI driver or something.

I know I'm a real, real noob in this stuff at this point because I'm so used to Windows, but what are the key elements I should look for? I tried search for creating a custom iBoot with the proper .kext files for my hardware but I couldnt do it or find it. I've turned this forum up-side-down and nothing. Other web pages require either working with Mac OS command prompt (I do not have a Mac) or other lingo I cant understand . I've searched the internet and it seems some people have gotten Hackintosh running on my motherboard with the same processor but I cant do it.

So my questions to all you nice people:

- Is there a specific combination of (for example) iBoot + Mac OSx 10.x.x needed in order for it to work on my hardware?
- Are the drivers for the hardware (mainly chipset i presume) loaded with iBoot or during OSX installation (wich would mean they are intergrated into the OSX DVD)
- Is there a difference in terms of hardware support between OSX 10.6.x (example 10.6.3 and 10.6.6
- Probally a lot more questions to think up but I got very pissed off that it didnt work anymore so i shoved the project aside for a few hours

Thanks in advance for the replies or help, i need it

Greetings Kishkumen