Hello, I recently inherited an HP computer from my friend who was fruterated that it wasn't working. I replaced a couple of parts such as the power supply and graphics card and removed a bad stick of RAM.

everything else in the computer has original parts besides the new 500w power supply and ATI radeon X1600.

It's currently running an AMD Phenom x4 9550. I'm not sure of the mother board model and chipset however.

I have tried running, iDeneb v1.6 lite edition, iATKOS v7, and I've also tried the iBoot method, none of which seem to work. the iDeneb and iATKOS loaders bring up the apple logo and than have a circle with a slash above the logo appear and doesn't boot to install. No kernel panicks or error messages appear. Through various boot discs for snow leopard I have gotten 2 different discs to work, one with Chameleon and another one, I don't remember the name (red apple with a face?) Anyway, both of these did roughly the same thing, I am able to boot, and than put in my SL retail disc. Once I boot (either with -x -v cpus=1 or -v and without) it will process some information from the disc for a couple of minutes and than either go to a black screen and do nothing, or bring up the apple logo and do nothing.

I'm not sure how to pinpoint the issue or find out what the issue might be, I'm still trying to get different distro's and see if any others will work.

Any suggestions?? Anything I'm doing completely wrong?

I had installed iDeneb and iATKOS both on another AMD PC, but it was a custom built model with varying parts as well, and took some tries, but it is odd to me that I can't even reach an installation menu with this new desktop.

EDIT: I've added some pictures of an error I encountered using iDeneb v1.6. Some of them are a little blurry but hopefully a bit legible, my monitor cut off a bit of the picture as well, i used an ipod touch to take the images.

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