hello, here are my laptops specs..

HP 6000 series
AMD turion 64x2
nVidea graphics

i recently downloaded iAtkos v1i r2 and burned it to a dvd at three diff speeds, 1x, 2x, and 4x. When i boot from the dvds, i click f8, then type -v, so i can see whats going on. Everything goes good until it gets to firewire, it says an error, i cant think of it, but its not the error pertaining to a security code, it is a diff error.

i have googled all over the web, and nothing with my firewire error...this is an AMD supported version of iatkos written at low speed, idk what im doing wrong.

in this video, it looks like the guy has same laptop as me (pretty sure it is) and i downloaded the version he has, and someone in the comments said use infrarecorder.

if you have any help whatsoever, please reply to me, here, aim=ceejayitbeman, or my email, jakeo1992@gmail.com