Ok, so I believe I installed ideneb v3 a while ago. I know I have 10.5.5. Anyway, the way it works is that when I turn the computer on, it gives me 4 seconds to press any key. If I press a key it will give me the option to boot into my other OS (vista). If I don't, it will go into the mac os. I believe I have a chameleon bootloader? but I may be wrong.

Basically, I wanna know how to uninstall the mac os, so I can install windows 7 in place of that. Or I wanna know how to make it so this bootloader won't cause any problems, and so I can install windows 7 on some other partition. (In the past, I wasn't able to install OS's after I installed the mac os because I think the bootloader was messing everything up) Any help would be appreciated!