Dual boot is working after I created two partitions using Win 7 disc, installed Win 7(from disc) on first partition(C drive), then installed 10.6.3 on the second partition(D drive) using Prasys Empire EFI disc to get things working on 10.6.3.

However, I have a disc image of a Win 7 install with all programs & settings that I would like to restore using disc imaging utility Acronis True Image 2010. I tried to restore but when I try to select drive to restore image to(C drive) it doesn't show the C drive, just grayed out D: drive that has 10.6.3 installed. I was using the Acronis boot disk.

What can I do so I can install working disc copy of Win 7 on C drive? I would also like to replace the 10.6.3 fresh install with a working version. How?